Tuesday, January 18, 2011

News from Ghana

This week Garrett wrote home about the relationships they are building with the members in the area.  He wrote, "One of the little boys in the ward who is about two, he's hilarious! On Friday he took my scriptures and wouldn't give them back to me. He told me i had to buy them from him.... so i pulled a 10 peaswas coin from my pocket and his eyes just lit right up. I had to buy my scriptures back! It was really funny though, and 10 peaswas is nothing, so i thought it was alright. I love the children here especially, they are all so awesome, and absolutely adoreable! Yesterday in sacrament meeting, i had one on each knee and 2 on either side of me. I think the parents just tell them to come sit with the missionaries. haha. But they are great, i love them a lot!"

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