Thursday, February 17, 2011

Garrett Update

Excerpt from Garrett's letter on 1/31/11:
"Well, yes, as you heard from Degraft, I got transfered! The place I am in is a city called Sunyani, and the town is called Penkwase. I was really bummed to be honest, I didn't want to leave that area, and saying goodbye to all my close friends in Mpintsin was really hard.  On Wednesday morning I was transfered. I got on a bus with some other missionaries, and we traveled about an hour and a half to Cape Coast. There we met other missionaries who were also coming up this way. We started driving and got about an hour and a half out of Cape Coast, when our bus broke down. It took 3 hours for them to get another bus to come and pick us up. So, we were all just waiting with nothing to do. One of the other missionaries and I ended up buying a little soccer ball so we could kick it around. Instantly there was a huge crowd of little kids wanting to play with us. And.... along with the little kids, a bunch of drunk men. It was really funny actually, we were messing with him really bad. Watching a drunk guy try to kick a soccer ball is rather hilarious. haha. Then when the new bus showed up, we gave the soccer ball to one of the little kids and got on the bus.

From there it was another 4 hours to get to Kumasi. I was the only missionary coming to Sunyani, and I was supposed to catch a bus at 6 that evening. But... because of the delay, I had to spend the night in Kumasi with the Zone Leaders. Elder Mckay is one of the zone leaders here. He was really nice to me, he slept on the floor so that i could use his bed. And then Wednesday morning I caught a bus coming to Sunyani. So..... it was a crazy few days, but 2 days later, I was finally able to make it to my area.  Sunyani is such an awesome place! Wow.... i honestly don't know where to begin. It is much more of a city than my last area, and its really clean. My companion is named Elder Marimira, he is from Zimbabwe. He is such a stud, so far i love the guy to death. He is just really humble, he has a good sense of humor, and most of all he likes to work hard.  Sunyani is an area that was just opened 4 months ago. The church had never been here untill then. We hold church in our house. And yesterday, we had 12 people total there, including us missionaries. Crazy huh. I blessed the sacrament, I gave a talk, I conducted sunday school, I gave a prayer, tons of stuff. The church will grow though, I know it."

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