Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's new in Arizona?

From Jordan’s letter on 3/21/11
The East side of Tucson seems like a pretty good Zone. There are 9 companionships in our Zone, including 3 sets of sisters and one set of ASL Elders (American Sign Language) that covers 2 missions. Seems like a great zone! Elder Bowen and I cover only one Ward, the Kenyon Ward. We had a baptism on Saturday too! Her name is J, and her husband R is getting baptized this Saturday. It’s actually a pretty cool story to hear. I guess just a month and a half ago R was a drug runner gangster who was always drunk. He has made a complete 180 with his life, and his family is going to be complete now. They have plans to go to the temple in a year from Saturday, and they have 3 kids. One of them turns 8 next month and he will be able to baptize his daughter. Every time that we talk to him it makes me grateful for the atonement and the ability that we have to repent in our lives. It has never been so apparent as out here on my mission. It makes me more and more grateful every day.

I am sad to leave Silver City and many of the people that I was able to work with there but I know that I am needed here in Tucson, and I will go and do whatever the Lord wants me to do. Even if it is hard right? :) I do miss the cooler weather though. It has been mid 90's here the past couple days. The big city is so much different. There are actually people to talk to on the streets here! It’s a different type of missionary work.

From Jordan’s letter on 3/28/11
Well this week has been a good one, like the rest of the weeks. I have decided that I really need to come up with some new vocabulary to write you all with because every time I write home about the week it is always good. I will figure it out though. And what made it good? Witnessing R be baptized and make that covenant at baptisim that we all have made. It is so cool to see somebody so ready to be baptized. I think of my whole mission, he has been the one most prepared to make that covenant. It is obvious to see the change that has happened with him and within his family. He said that this is the longest that he has been sober in 12 years, and he has only been sober for almost 2 months now. It is just more of a testimony of the power of the atonement, and the ability it has to heal us from anything that has happened to us. I just appreciate more and more my savior every time I am able to witness that. Helps me realize the effect it has had on my life as well. Amazing, to say the least. 

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