Monday, April 16, 2012

Letters from our Elders-April 9th

From Jordan:

Well, this week has been another amazing one. Our Easter program this week was great. Elder Reese and I were able to sing in the choir for the program, and mom I even played a musical number for some ladies as they sang "Day of Tears". So I am still using this piano ability that has been given to me! We even had 4 investigators come to church as well, and 3 of them have baptism dates that they are working towards. This week has just been simply amazing. Lots and lots of miracles have been happening and it is so cool to see. Another cool little miracle we had, we were biking down the street last Saturday, and I just felt like we should stop and knock on a door. As we were walking up I found a car key lying in the gravel, so I took it with me to the door. It opened up the conversation and come to find out they have great member friends. Not ready for the gospel yet, but just a little something for god to show them that he loves them.

From Garrett:

For me, this week has been so quick. I think the longer I'm out here, the faster and faster time seems to go by. And it makes me sad almost, because I know my time to be a missionary will come to an end. Its like I'm starting to realize it now, as where before it just seemed unreal. It gives me a desire to work hard and make the most of the time I have though. This week was fast, but a lot happened. Our zone has sure changed a lot with the split that happened, as well as the transfer and new elders coming into the zone. On Wednesday of last week we were busy preparing for a meeting with President and Sister Shulz on Friday. We had to go with Elder and Sister Zoll to order food for the meeting, and my companion and I also had to prepare an instruction about chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel, the christlike attributes. We were also able to go on splits with 2 companionships this last week. It is interesting to go on splits and see how different missionaries are. One of the days we spent with a companionship who are both less than 6 months on mission. Both of them are very inexperienced, but they have a desire to work hard and do whats right, and it really shows. While we were out on splits though, I was able to meet many recent converts and long time members that live in each area. It was so much fun to hear some of their conversion stories and how they came to know the church is true. I realize that those people never forget the missionaries who taught them. On Saturday we were able to go help one less active woman spray her mattress for bed bugs. It was pretty gross, there were bugs and ticks covering the entire thing. Its humbling to see the circumstances some people live under. In the process of spraying the bugs, I think my companion got bit by some. He has these big red dots all over his leg now. I didn't get bit though, I tried to be extra careful of that. In addition to all of that, we had some rain to deal with this last week. I think the rainy season is slowly starting to creep in. I think it rained maybe 3 times last week. And like I've said before, when it rains...... it POURS!!!! And that usually means that our power goes out too. haha. Gotta love that! Among all of those events that happened this week, we were able to get out and do a little good in our proselyting area as well. We are working with some really good investigators right now. One thing I've come to learn is that the Lord prepares people in his own time, and in his own way. I just enjoy being the instrument to meet with those people. Missionary work is "divine" as they say here. I love being a missionary and serving others. I'm grateful for my knowledge of the gospel. And that I know that we will be rewarded in the eternities for our faithfulness here on earth.

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