Sunday, March 27, 2011


Last month Jordan and his companion were able to participate in multiple baptisms.      
Jordan wrote about one of the baptisms: "The rest of his family except his dad are recent converts from the last 2 years or less and so he was the last one in his family waiting to get baptized! It was so awesome to be there for that. The elders quorum president baptized him! It was such a blessing to see another family become one in the gospel."

In Jordan's letter, he said about the next baptism: "For the week that I was with the other elders and didn't have a companion, we were teaching a woman who doesn't understand any English, so while I was with them there we had to do our best to teach her using her 14 year old niece as a translator. It was a good time to brush up on the spanish though! ;) so I taught her for a week with the other elders, and then come time for her baptism, she told the other elders that she wanted me to baptize her. Of course it is an honor to do so so I agreed that I would! So there that is the short version. And the whole service was in Spanish as well. I learned the Baptism ordinance in spanish as well, so it was pretty awesome! I didn't think that I would ever be baptizing someone in Spanish, but I was blessed with the opportunity. That baptism was really awesome as well. They had a big fiesta thing after with some great food and so mexican music."

And in the same week as the two above....there was a third baptism!

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