Sunday, March 27, 2011

Updates from Garrett's letters

From Garrett's letter on 3/14/2011:
This week has been another good one. We have been busting our butts all week. We're planning this temple trip for the members in Sunyani, and we finally got details worked out. It will cost 25 cedis for each person to go, which is super cheap actually. Unfortunately, the missionaries won't get to go with the members though.  So this week my bike has been having some problems, so we went into town to get it fixed. On the way to town we saw someone's pet baboon all dressed up like a human being and tied up. It was really sad actually..... I love seeing the monkeys and stuff though. Its so cool! While my bike was getting fixed, we were just walking around looking at a few things, and all of a sudden, I saw a familiar face. Do you remember me talking about my friend from Mpitism? Well for some reason he was in Sunyani this week! It was so lucky that I saw him, he saw me too and it was a little bit of an emotional reunion. I miss that guy.... but it sounds like he's working through things and planning to become a member sometime. We'll see though. He was funny, he made us go to a bar and sit down so he could buy us a soda. Then he tried to give me 40 cedis..... which I know is such a sacrifice for him. But i couldn't take it.... I had to explain to him for like 10 minutes that it is a rule that I can't take the money. But finally he understood.... he was a little upset with me. But i have a clear head, so i'm ok with it. Well, this week we had 21 people show up to church. 10 of them were children, but hey, they count. haha. I only had to bless the sacrament, give a talk, give a prayer, and conduct sunday school this week, so not too much...... haha, not. But good news- Ajyapong was confirmed yesterday. So our hard work has paid off! Its been a bit of a struggle, but a month later, its finally complete. And i actually got to perform the confirmation. It was so cool.... i've never been able to do that before. It was a good experience, and the spirit was definitely there. He is going to be such a powerful leader for the church in the future. I know the lord has great things in store for him. So that made everything worth the hard work. :)"

News from Garrett's letter on 2/28/2011:
"Well some crazy things happened this week. First of all, we got a call last night telling us that we will be getting 3 missionaries from the Ivory Coast mission. They are having civil unrest problems so they are pulling all the foreign missionaries out and sending them to different missions. So we are getting 3 new missionaries tomorrow. And we found out that president sabey will be sending 2 other missionaries up to Sunyani to join us. So now we have 10 missionaries in our district. It won't be long before we are a zone up here!"

News from Garrett's letter on 2/21/2011:
"They announced our new mission goal: to have each companionship send one family to the temple to be sealed....... being in the area that I'm in though, thats kinda impossible, seeing that the church has only been here for 6 months. So they changed to goal for the missionaries in Sunyani, we have to baptize a family. But thats still gonna be hard.... really hard! But we'll see how it goes. President gave a really sweet instruction about the atonement too, and the infinite nature of the atonement. It goes a lot deeper than I ever thought before. We had 14 people show up to church on sunday. I blessed the sacrament, gave a talk, conducted sunday school, and gave a prayer. During sunday school one of the members little boy was sick. He kept coughing and coughing, and eventually threw up because the mother (who just so happens to be a nurse) gave him too much medicine. He threw up right next to me so I had to literally dodge it.... haha.... and then clean it up. And some more coughing after that. So I went and got one of my coughdrops from home, and it worked like a charm. Thanks mom :) Now the mother wants all my coughdrops!"

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