Monday, August 22, 2011

August Updates from Tucson

Is it already Monday again?? Alright. So i don't know if my watch is right anymore. Or the calendar in general. I don't know where this month is going. Its just crazy. Anyways, besides my inability to tell time or sense what time it is anymore, things are going wonderful here! I loved reading the letters this week and appreciate everyone that wrote! It is nice to know what is going on back home. I get so caught up in things here sometimes i have to take a minute and remember all the things back in Utah that the lord has blessed me with. I feel like I have lived here my whole life at times.   Anyways, I love it so much out here.

There are 10 different Zones across the mission, so we spend the time traveling to the zones and training there. It is a very rewarding thing to undertake. Right now there are 190 missionaries in the mission, and by next transfer it will be up over 200. That is a lot of missionaries!  Probably about a quarter of the missionaries are Spanish missionaries, maybe a bit more. Regardless of that, my spanish has improved none.

This past week has been great and very busy. Zone conferences went quite well, and I know that I learned a lot from the training that we were able to present.  I used 2 talks from Elder Bednar, talking about prayer that have been very helpful. Both were from the 2008 General conference. I would reccomend it to the family as well.  It helped me really think about the things that I am praying for.  It was good to be able to see all the missionaries again as well.  I have defiantly learned a lot about  speaking in the mission.  Many  of our meetings have over 60 missionaries at them, I feel that this is really helping me to grow.

 Exchanges with the Zone Leaders in New Mexico
 Stopped by to visit one of our awesome families!
Traveling to visit the Zones in New Mexico

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