Sunday, November 6, 2011

Malaria=Ghana Hospital Stay

Garrett gave us all a little scare last week when we got a phone call Wednesday November 2nd. Garrett was in the Ghana hospital with Malaria and a stomach infection. A hospital stay in Ghana is not what we wanted for our missionary! After an ultrasound and other lab tests we are relieved to report that Garrett did not have appendicitis. Garrett did have Malaria and a stomach infection, he was released from the hospital on Thursday and is now resting in his apartment. While Garrett was in the hospital he was asked if he would like to talk to his family on the phone. His response was "No, because it is against the mission rules". We feel grateful that obedience is an important part of missionary work for our missionaries.

Garrett's Mission President-President Shulz, his wife-Sister Shulz, and Elder and Sister Zoll (Sr. Missionary Couple) gave us regular reports on how Garrett was doing. We even received the following picture...

"Thanks for the use of your fine son who serves diligently and with great obedience and sacrifice."
-Elder and Sister Zoll

Please keep our Briggs missionaries in your prayers!!

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