Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jordan Update!

From Jordan's letter on October 17th:

Well, this week has been another great one! We had some baptisms, which was awesome!  There is a member in one of the wards here in Tucson that works for the wildlife department. He called us up the other day and said that he has 2 Elf Owls that they are releasing, so we went with him to release them. We got to hold the owls as well, it was way sweet! Got a pretty good picture of the sunset here in Tucson as well. The missionary work has been awesome here lately. We have a few other people that we are working with as well. It is pretty cool to see the way that heavenly father chooses to answer some peoples prayers. He defiantly knows us and knows what we need. Well, this is going to be another busy week of traveling. We will be out of town for a few days on zone training's, it will be good to get back to New Mexico and get some fresh air again!
 Tucson Sunset
 Elf Owl

From Jordan's letter on October 24th:
We got to drive up the canyon today, with the objective of looking for a spot that we can hold a meeting with all of the zone leaders. So, Elder Schenk and I drove one of the missions new Chevy colorado's up the mountain to check it out. We will be holding a meeting up there next week so we were just seeing where we could hold it! Funny because it was all cactus driving up and all of the sudden there was pine trees and some quakies!!! It looked like Utah with the colors changing, and was actually about 25 degrees cooler up there. It was a fun drive. Well this week has been awesome! The training's have been great! Interesting because we have been training on setting goals and the importance of them and how your goals should drive your planning. I have learned a lot about how to involve the Lord more in your plans and we have seen miracle after miracle happen.
"Pictures of our trip up the mountain!! There is usually

cactus, but we got up to about 9000 feet and these are the things that we saw!!"
"Picture of the ski resort here in Tucson!! Susprised?? Not much snow..."
"Picture of the truck that we drove up the mountain. We
didn't drive our minivan...back in the minivan now though! :P"

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