Friday, August 31, 2012

Elder Garrett Returns Home

Elder Garrett Briggs returned home from the Ghana Cape Coast/Kumasi Mission on August 15! He had a very long journey home and we're so glad he's back! Garrett was scheduled to arrive in the Salt Lake City airport at 4:50pm. About the time the family was going to leave for the airport Garrett called from Texas to let us know he and 8 other missionaries missed their layover (from a previous delayed flight) and were stuck in Texas. The next few hours were up and down as we thought he was on the next flight...then we got a call from mission travel office letting us know he wasn't. A few hours later another call, "Garrett would be on the next flight". Then a call back, "he wasn't able to get on that flight". We would all get so excited and then be disappointed. It wasn't until Garrett called and said "I have a ticket in my hand, I'm getting on the plane!" that we all cheered and headed out the door to pick him up. His flight landed around 11pm.
We had to put up some spotlights so you could actually see the sign and balloons when we pulled up.
Mom and Dad- at the airport
Briggs family along with Elder Maughan's family waiting in the airport (they are all wearing their pj's because it was so late).
Dad, Jordan, Wade, Josh and Amber 
Garrett and Mom
Garrett and Dad
Garrett and Jordan
Garrett and Josh
Group Hug!
Brotherly love...
Garrett wearing his Ghana mission attire
Elder Garrett L Briggs GCCM Forever Strong 2010-2012
 Brothers! Josh, Garrett, and Jordan

 Kente backpack
 Garrett and Mom
 Parker is showing Garrett his African sign Akwaaba!! Ayeko Wiazde.

 Saying goodbye to the other elders he came home with
 Parker (went to same mission) and Wade. High school buddies and now Garrett's college roommates
 Family and Friends
Car ride to the church where Garrett would be released
 Pulled into the church at 12:02. We have a dedicated Stake President that knew Garrett would need some time to rest the next day so he met us at midnight to release Garrett. Everyone was exhausted, especially Garrett after 3 full days of traveling!
 Sometime around 1am...
Loved the feel of the soft carpet!
 Very worn out missionary shoes
It was very overwhelming to come home and see all the nice things everyone in America has. We are so blessed! 
Back in his bedroom for the first time

 First dinner at home-because of his delayed flight he missed the first real dinner we had planned for him but we saved it and ate it the next night anyway!

Its been so great having Garrett back (for a short time before he left to school).  Garrett had 10 days from the day he arrived home until the day he started Fall semester at BYU! He's been busy, here's a few pictures of what those 10 days involved...
 Getting a haircut from Mom
 Drinking Mom's "Green Smoothies" with lots of nutrients... and lots of doctor appointments!
 Garrett spoke in sacrament the Sunday after he returned. He did a great job and everyone loved hearing his testimony and stories from his mission (more mission pictures and videos to come)!
 Garrett got to see and catch up with lots of family...even meet a new little nephew Jaron!

 Grandma and Grandpa Jacobson

Lots of great souvenirs from his mission
Enjoy his first real hamburger in 2 years!
 Play with his niece and nephews who grew up!
 Buy school clothes. Pack for school. Move to Provo. Find a job on campus. 
Buy books. Start class!
Welcome Home Garrett! We love you!

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