Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Picture Post!

Now that Garrett is home we have hundreds of pictures from Ghana to show you more of what he experienced as a missionary there. Here are some favorites!
Garrett getting a haircut
Dichemso Zone
Brother Osei from Sunyani. Found him when I got transferred to Dichemso
Bibiani baptism at the river
The tro tros full of people coming back from the baptism at the river.-Bibiani
Members- Bibiani
Members- Bibiani
FHE with Theo and family-Dichemso
Playing soccer
Sweet statue at a school where we played soccer-Dichemso
Mabena and family- Dichemso
Garrett teaching the kids how to play mini bowling
Kwame Lord- Dichemso
"NaNa- she would yell to us at the top of her lungs when she saw us. Sweetest lady!" –Dichemso
Theo and family-Dichemso
Garrett took pictures of pictures we emailed to him! A fun way to show others what our family does!
Picture of a picture we sent Garrett when Elder Jordan came home in May!
In Daban
Ironing a little boy's tie
Asokwa District
 Garrett showing off the first dent on the mission tro tro bumper. He hit a goat that ran across the road.


Baptismal service- Daban

Baptismal service- Daban

Baptismal service- Daban

Mamudu and Diana and family-Daban

Kente Village out at Bomso

First trip to Konongo/Nkawkaw after mission split

First trip to Konongo/Nkawkaw after mission split

Typical proselyting terrain in Ghana

Elders Hair, Smith, Me. We were in the same MTC group, the only 3 in Kumasi Mission after the split.

More typical proselyting terrain

A lot of dirt!

Elder Parker Rosquists converts. My last area was an area he served in for a long time. Bro. Appiah, Bro. Agyekum, and Bro. Osei- Daban

"These dishes were all from the other elders in the apt"...of course!

Classic tro tro- complete with Christian saying on the window, and rope holding it all together.


Everyday things you see as you go from place to place.

More everyday things 

A typical sign you might see in Ghana

This is how kids play in Ghana

Garrett loved the kids. Too cute!

Garrett loves the kids!

Elder Crump

Elders Miller, Taylor, Me, Martindale. Sweet guys on mission!

Saying goodbyes at last zone conference

Get your chickens!

Me and Elder Francom

Elders Kumakech, Evbouman, Briggs, Anouman

Garrett and Elder Smith with the sisters in Kumasi Mission

"I love this picture! This is a look at how most of the streets look in Ghana."

Woman selling on her head.
 This little boy killed a HUGE rat!

Pumping water

Last Sunday in Ghana with the members at Daban

Bro. Appiah’s family

Garrett, Elder Dadzie, and Elder Hair at the mission home

Outside the Cape Coast mission home just before leaving.

"Me and my last comp, Elder Wheeler. Good guy!"

Our group from Cape Coast/Kumasi missions going home!

Garrett with Pres/Sis. Shulz

Garrett with Elder/Sister Asay

"We are so cool….. on the steps of the temple."

"We are even cooler…… jumping off the steps of the temple."

Sunset over Bantama

Tire Store

Alcohol being unloaded at a bar

"Road out to the middle of nowhere! But we knew exactly where we were going."

Shoe Store

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